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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well it has been a few days, more than I had expected, since my last post. Sorry for the delay but my computer underwent many malicious attacks and had to go through debugging and repair which basically took 2 days and then the next 2 days were spent getting a mountain of tasks done that had to be done before I could update here.

Let's start off with some news. As you may have noticed there is a section of text just below the payment proof called "Current Account Balances" this is simply the pay to clicks and main traffic exchanges that I surf daily and their current money account balance so you can see what average daily earnings those sites provide. Below that is another section of text "Sites Being Reviewed" that is simply an up to day list of websites I am actively testing for legitimacy, quality, and usefulness at this time. If they get approved as paying, legitimate and worthy sites they will receive a post otherwise they will simply disappear.

Also the blog itself is going to be going through a lot of changes, both visual and structural because right now it looks kind of thrown together to me. I want to take it to a whole new level where it's organized and has a greater depth and functionality to it. To do so I am looking for templates, learning the basics of HTML so I can edit those templates to suit the needs. It will look fantastic when it is finished but in between it may have moments of messiness. I will try to keep them to a minimum so please just bear with me!

Lastly i will present to you with great pleasure an auto surf traffic exchange that has been verified to pay today! I do not use this particular site to accumulate credits because it has a paid surf available that is much more needed for me at this time. It's called WebSyndic and all you have to do is go to the "Get Paid to Surf" section, select whether you want to be paid in the American Dollar, Euro, or Canadian Dollar and the press button below called "Earn (whatever currency you chose) and it will open either another tab or window with the actual sites cycling through. The timer is 15 seconds, you never have to verify you are there and it doesn't have any trouble with popups that pause or stop the surf like most other auto surfs!

Another way to earn a little extra money(applies to only those using the American Dollar) is to have WebSyndic pay you in Euro then when the money is in your Paypal(probably works with Alertpay too) request Paypal to convert it to American dollars. Paypal will charge a small fee to do the conversion but you will get more money at the end than if you had simply been paid in the U.S Dollar! Please note that this technique is dependent on conversion rates. When I checked the first time it amounted to getting about $5 extra but that could easily have changed. Also, admin emails are written in French so use Bing translator if you ever need to email them. Whether you choose to be paid in Euro or American, or Canadian dollar you WILL make money with this!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Klick No Adz!

Today you get a double post which is unusual but I've got a site for you that is Hot Off the Press! It has been running for maybe an hour and I've been PAID! That's right! I'VE. BEEN. PAID. Now I am an upgraded member which cost only $5 for a whole year. That is an unheard of price for any program and all you have to do is promote the site and collect referrals. Now is the time to join the site is so new hardly anyone is promoting it!

As an added bonus for those that sign up in my downline I will put $1 towards your upgrade! Just email me at artofonlineincome@gmail.com and let me know!


Good morning to all! I hope that everyone's day is going well so far and stays good! Now that I have finished managing my laptops crisis(temper-tantrum) and have Firefox working again(it erased all bookmarks and other misdeeds) I can bring you another traffic exchange to help with getting referrals!

I bring you Sweeva! This is a traffic exchange unlike any other. On this site you don't get your site thrown into a random rotation for surfers to see but rather you 'bid' for a time slot for your site to be seen. Example.

You bid 150 credits to get your website shown between 5 p.m and 6 p.m. and chose to have your site shown 4 times(you can choose to have your site shown between 1-4 times per hour) if you have bid too low your bid will be accepted and you will be notified the exact time your site will be shown. For this example lets say it shows at 5:16 p.m. You will pay your 150 credits and then your site will be shown at that time and up to three more times during the hour(s) you selected(paying the bid price for each showing) or until the credits you assigned to that site run out. On Sweeva 1 credit=1 view(hit) so, after the bid price is paid, if you have 500 credits toward your site it will get 500 views! The important thing about being able to pick what hour of the day your site is viewed is you can play around with what hour(s) your site gets viewed. The response it gets may be better at a particular time of day.

Also, on Sweeva you don't just pick the time your site is shown and place bids, members have ranks and levels that they rise through the more they surf(gaining experience) which unlocks great features like being able to 'remember' a site or tweet a site. Members can always post comments about your page/website and vote(thumbs up, thumbs down, or unsure) which shows you how well your site has been received! Higher up in the levels/ranks you can put a caption above the comments box which can be a special highlight about your site or a personal message to your viewers, whatever you feel is best. They also have an increasing surf bonus for every consecutive day you surf 10+ sites on Sweeva!

Finally they have "The Site of the Day" also known as SOTD,  which is where a user has place a bid and won to be Site of the Day. Every member of Sweeva is offered 100 experience to view and rate(thumbs up, down, or unsure) this site. This means that nearly every member that logs into Sweeva that day will see your site!

In closing Sweeva is innovative and delivers spectacular traffic to your site and provides direct communication with fellow surfers and I highly recommend it! I suggest that you let your credits build up to a couple thousand before you start bidding for your site to be viewed due to the fact that credits get used up so quickly here.

Disclaimer: I have not earned cash commissions with this Traffic exchange yet and therefore cannot confirm nor deny whether they pay. Invest money at your own risk. As soon as I can verify they are a PAYING site I will post it here on this blog. Until that time I am only endorsing that they provide excellent traffic quality.